Cheek and Chin Augmentation Beverly Hills

Cheek augmentation adds volume and support to the cheeks to create beautiful, full and natural cheeks. Rejuvenated cheeks are important in framing the eyes and directing attention to the eyes. Augmentation can be done with fillers, fat transfer or with a permanent implant. The choice of cheek augmentation method depends on patient preference, skin type, face shape, and Dr. Jumaily’s judgement based on experience. Fillers and fat grafting are discussed in the respective sections.

Cheek implants come in variety of shapes and sizes. Dr. Jumaily has the expertise to select the appropriate implant to produce naturally beautiful cheeks in the right candidates. Placement of the cheek implants is done through small incisions inside the mouth and therefore are invisible. Cheek implants are a permanent alternative to fillers, which require maintenance. Recovery is relatively quick and patient usually return to their routine in one week or less.

Chin augmentation is offered to patients with chins that are smaller than desired. The goal of chin augmentation is to create a chin that matches the profile, facial dimension and desired strength of the chin. Chin augmentation is commonly performed with an implant but fillers can also be used.

Implants are made of permanent soft material that is inserted through a small incision under the chin with minimal scarring or complications.

View this video to learn more about Cheek Implants.

View this video to learn more about Chin Implants.

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