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The non-surgical rhinoplasty is a newer technique that uses dermal fillers (such as Juvedermâ„¢) to make aesthetic changes to the nose. The filler is placed under the skin of the nose and lasts approximately one year. This technique is quick, associated with minimal discomfort and has little downtime. The non-surgical rhinoplasty can be effective to increase the height of the nasal bridge, the nasal tip, hide a bump or camouflage irregularities and deviations. Although this is a great techniques that can help many patients, not every patient is a candidate. During your consultation, Dr. Jumaily will determine if non-surgical rhinoplasty would be an option for you and will discuss his recommendations and expectations for the result.



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  • I have an indent in the side of my nose, can this be improved by a non surgical rhinoplasty?

    Non surgical rhinoplasty with filler may be a really good option for you if this your only concern. At the consultation, Dr. Jumaily can do a full assessment of your nose and give you an idea of what a non surgical rhinoplasty can do
  • What is the Non surgical nose job after-care?

    You should avoid manipulating the filler in the nose to prevent it from moving. Massage if the surgeon instructs you to do so. Skin treatments are not known to affect the outcome or longevity of the filler under the skin. Of course, you want to avoid any sun or chemical burns etc.
  • Is there Bruising after non surgical nose job?

    Bruising is possible after any injection including filler to the nose. Expect some minor redness where the needle enters the skin and some generalized swelling from the procedure. Otherwise, with a small amount of makeup you can probably resume normal activities. There are some serious blood vessel complications that can look like bruising. It’s rare but let your injector know if there is pain or worsening bruising.

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