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Transgender patients can achieve a more feminine profile with feminizing rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills. In facial feminization surgery, the discussion often focuses on the forehead and jaw but unfortunately, we have seen many rhinoplasty results that don’t look as good as they should be. The nose is a central part of the face and having a beautiful refined nose is very essential to create a feminine face.

Dr. Jumaily is well known for his excellent rhinoplasty results. In addition to having great results in the forehead and jaw areas, Dr. Jumaily is known to transform a masculine nose into a beautifully feminine one. It takes special skill and expertise to change the nose from its masculine version to a very feminine version that also matches the new forehead, new upper lip lift, and new jaw dimension. Although we aim to create drastic changes the nose has to look feminine without signs of surgery. Having features such as a very pinched tips, collapsing sidewalls, very weirdly upturned nose, or stuck-on appearance appear unattractive and not feminine.

What Is Feminizing Rhinoplasty?

Feminizing rhinoplasty is a gender-affirmation procedure commonly included in facial feminization surgery (FFS) treatment plans for trans patients.

During the procedure in Beverly Hills, the patient’s nose can be reshaped in a variety of ways. The nasal bones may be reduced in size and width to achieve a more delicate nasal profile. The nose may be resized, the ridge or a nasal hump may be reduced, and the nasal tip may be narrowed.

Am I a Good Candidate for Feminizing Rhinoplasty?

Feminizing rhinoplasty is an excellent procedure for MTF patients experiencing dysphoric feelings as a result of the appearance of their nose. If you feel that your nose looks too masculine or does not fit with the rest of your facial features, this procedure may be an ideal option.

Patients with a wide nasal bridge, large nostrils, or an asymmetrical nose are recommended for feminizing rhinoplasty to address these masculine traits. You are an ideal candidate if you are over 18 years of age, are in good health, and have realistic goals for this procedure.

Your Consultation

During the consultation, Dr. Jumaily will ask about your aesthetic goals. He will also evaluate your overall health and medical history in a variety of ways. This can include checking if there are any respiratory issues or infections that may hinder the healing process.

Dr. Jumaily uses the latest techniques in open structural rhinoplasty. In addition, he uses the latest technology such as ultrasonic rhinoplasty and preservation rhinoplasty to achieve the best possible results that will last a lifetime. Each rhinoplasty is CUSTOMIZED for each patient. No two patients get the same rhinoplasty. Dr. Jumaily listens carefully to the patient’s wishes and uses his aesthetic judgment to achieve a unique NOTICEABLE CHANGE that doesn’t have deformities and signs of surgery.

The Feminizing Rhinoplasty Procedure

Like traditional rhinoplasty procedures, small incisions will be made either inside the nostrils (closed rhinoplasty) or across the columella (open rhinoplasty). The procedure can last for an hour or longer, depending on the surgical plan. Anesthesia is administered at the start to ensure you are comfortable throughout the procedure.

To give the nasal tip a perky upwards shape, a small section of cartilage on the tip is removed. A wide nasal bridge can be narrowed by repositioning the nasal bones from the inside. Finally, to narrow the nostrils, a wedge of skin is removed from the sides of the nose to reduce width.

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The Recovery Process

The recovery time needed after feminizing rhinoplasty varies depending on the techniques used. Generally, it may take several weeks to completely heal after the procedure. Patients are instructed to avoid putting pressure on their nose for a few weeks to let the nose naturally heal itself.

Regular activities can be resumed within a week, and rigorous exercise and sports can be resumed after two months. Medications such as painkillers may be prescribed to the patient to combat any post-surgical discomfort.

How Much Does Feminizing Rhinoplasty Cost?

The cost of feminizing rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills will reflect the techniques and methods used during the procedure, as well as the total surgical time required. The overall cost will also include anesthesia fees.

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