Beverly Hills

In facial feminization surgery, the discussion often focuses on the forehead and jaw but unfortunately, we have seen many rhinoplasty results that don’t look as good as they should be. The nose is a central part of the face and having a beautiful refined nose is very essential to create a feminine face.

Dr. Jumaily is well known for his excellent rhinoplasty results. In addition to having great results in the forehead and jaw areas, Dr. Jumaily is known to transform a masculine nose into beautifully feminine ones. It takes special skill and expertise to change the nose from its masculine version to a very feminine version that also matches the new forehead, new upper liplift, and new jaw dimension. Although we aim to create drastic changes the nose has to look feminine without signs of surgery. Having features such as very pinched tip, collapsing sidewalls, very weirdly upturned nose, or stuck-on appearance appear unattractive and not feminine.

Dr. Jumaily uses the latest techniques in open structural rhinoplasty. In addition, he uses the latest technology such as ultrasonic rhinoplasty and preservation rhinoplasty to achieve the best possible results that will last a lifetime. Each rhinoplasty is CUSTOMIZED for each patient. No two patients get the same rhinoplasty. Dr. Jumaily listens carefully to the patient’s wishes and uses his aesthetic judgment to achieve a unique NOTICEABLE CHANGE that doesn’t have deformities and signs of surgery.

Our results speak for themselves so be sure to look at our Instagram and photo gallery. Please contact us today to schedule a personalized consultation.


Dr. Jumaily