Facial Feminization Surgery

“Achieve a softer and more feminine look with a variety of procedures to show your feminine beauty.”

A Beautiful WomanFacial Feminization Surgery (FFS) is a selection of procedures, designed to make changes to the face to make it appear more feminine. This procedure is offered for both men and for women who wish to appear more feminine. FFS encompasses several procedures, depending on the patient’s appearance and desires. which can be determined in the consultation. Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS) is highly specialized and based on extensive research in facial analysis and recognition. Dr. Jumaily is one of very few surgeons in North America and the world who are TRAINED in FFS and have the expertise to perform this procedure.

These procedures include:

FACE/NECK REJUVENATION:  Feminine attractiveness is enhanced by a youthful appearance. Rejuvenation of the signs of aging is essential in Facial feminization. We offer surgical and nonsurgical treatments such as a full and mini facelift, eyelid lift (blepharoplasty), skin resurfacing, and platelet-rich plasma (PRP, vampire facelift).

FAT GRAFTING: Add long-lasting volume to feminize the cheeks, and areas around the eyes and mouth for a soft feminine look.

FOREHEAD CONTOURING:  (Hairline Advancement, Browlift, and Contouring of the Underlying Bone): Three procedures through one incision. This procedure is essential and highly effective for a feminine forehead, brows, and hairline.

JAW CONTOURING: Contouring the jaw to remove a harsh or strong bony appearance without any skin incisions. Augmentation with implants or reduction of the bone is used to achieve the perfect contour.

LIPS: To feminize the area around the mouth, a lip lift is essential in enhancing the upper lip shape and volume.

THYROID REDUCTION: Removing part of the cartilage that makes an ‘Adam’s Apple’ is essential for feminine neck contours and beauty.

RHINOPLASTY: A feminine nose is the centerpiece of the female face. Rhinoplasty is the procedure of choice to make the nose smaller, more refined, and more in balance with a feminine face.

HAIR RESTORATION: Hair restoration is an important option for patients with thinning hair.

CHIN AND CHEEK IMPLANTS: A long-term solution for chin contouring or to create beautiful high feminine cheeks.

I can now proudly say that I have 0 gender dysphoria regarding my face

I had Facial Feminization Surgery with Dr. Jumaily exactly 1 year ago today & it has completely changed my life. As a male to female transsexual struggling with gender dysphoria I can now proudly say that because of Dr. Jumaily I have 0 gender dysphoria regarding my face. I had my hairline lowered, my brow bone shaved, a brow lift (through the incision he lifted my eyes & cheeks up as well), a rhinoplasty, lip lift, v line jaw contouring, a genioplasty, & a tracheal shave. My face has not only become much more feminine but it has become aesthetically pleasing as well. No one can even tell I had surgery which is a good thing especially as a trans woman. You don’t want to stand out for the wrong reasons & I think that because of how good Dr. Jumaily is at what he does, he understood what I wanted & what I needed for him to give me the best possible outcome. I can finally walk out of my door without makeup & feel the most confident in my skin. His staff is incredibly amazing as well. Melody & Nick have been nothing but kind & helpful towards me. They helped me out when it came down to booking appointments or when I needed something after surgery. Dr. Jumaily even answered my calls after surgery no matter how early or late it was when I had questions regarding my post op. Michelle was the biggest lifesaver when it came down to my insurance company. Michelle fought so hard for me to get this surgery & I cannot thank her enough. I had lip fillers after my surgery twice with Dr. Jumaily & he did such a great job giving me full & feminine pouty lips without giving me that harsh overfilled look. He educated me on everything I wanted done cosmetically to my face to achieve a beautiful & natural looking result. The scars on my face after surgery are barely noticeable at all. My family & I are so beyond happy we chose Dr. Jumaily for my Facial Feminization Surgery. Other trans women have asked me who my surgeon is & I have gotten them all interested in seeking FFS from Dr. Jumaily because he is the best! Thank you so much Dr. Jumaily & staff!

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How Much Does Facial Feminization Surgery Cost?

The cost of a Facial Feminization Surgery in Beverly Hills will depend on several factors. The price can be affected by body type, type of technique performed, surgical complications, and even allergies. Find out more by scheduling a consultation.

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Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS) Beverly Hills
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