Lip Lifting and Augmentation Beverly Hills

Liplift is a very powerful feminizing procedure and many patients benefit from it. Dr. Jumaily is very experienced in the liplift procedure and uses an advanced deep plane technique with release to ensure natural skin placement and the best incision healing. The liplift procedure seems very easy on the surface but how much skin to remove and from where can be the difference between a gorgeous feminine upper lip and an unnatural looking lip. Also, the incision needs to be hidden and closed perfectly to make the incision almost invisible. During the consultation, Dr. Jumaily will examine the face and your wishes and determine whether lip lift is the right procedure for you. The liplift incision is placed in a natural crease under the nose. The skin is then removed, the skin released in a deep plane fashion, and the incision is closed perfectly. This procedure can be done under local anesthesia or under anesthesia if other procedures are being performed.


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Dr. Jumaily