Lip Lifting and Augmentation Beverly Hills

Procedures to enhance the lips improve the appearance of the red lip as well as the skin of the upper lip (area between red lip and the nose). Beautiful feminine faces often have healthy appearing red lips and shorter distance between nose and red lip. To bring out these features in our patients we perform lip augmentation and lip lift.

Lip augmentation can be done with fillers to increase the size of the lips and give them a natural healthy look. In certain patients who are going through other procedure, we occasionally place the extra tissue in the lips as a form of a natural permanent implant.

Some patients have a long upper lip (large distance between nose and upper red lip) and benefit from lifting the upper lip, which provides a pleasing feminine look. This an easy and effective procedure to feminize the face and also make it more youthful. The incision is hidden in the crease under the nose so it’s minimally visible.

“Young patient starting with good lip volume was treated with lip fillers for a more beautiful shape”

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Dr. Jumaily