Male Rhinoplasty Beverly Hills

Many men seek improvement to their nose. In fact, men comprise a large segment of our patients who desire cosmetic surgery. Men are more likely to have crooked and broken noses due to statistically higher involvement in contact sports and other trauma. This often leads to cosmetic changes as well as breathing problems.

Although the basic principles of the rhinoplasty procedure remain the same for both men and women, rhinoplasty in men require a slightly different approach. While women may desire a smaller nose, lower bridge, and small tip to match their delicate features, a nose with that appearance will look unnatural and fake. Male rhinoplasty require a delicate balance between refinement and the natural male appearance. In other words, the male nose needs to be strong with a strong bridge (straight profile rather than a scoopy low bridge), with a well defined but not narrow tip and it cannot be turned up as much as women (over-rotation). Also we use extra gentle technique with males to minimize bruising. In general, we want our patients to go back to normal daily life as soon as possible and men do not always feel comfortable wearing concealer to hide bruising, so prevention is key.

Dr. Jumaily has the skills and aesthetic judgement to preserve the masculinity of the male face and nose to produce natural results. The ideal male aesthetic is a well balanced look of masculinity and refinement that caters to the patient’s desires and goals.

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