Complete Upperface Transformation (C.U.T.) Procedure

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A complete upperface transformation, or C.U.T. in Beverly Hills can reshape your forehead to create a more feminine, harmonious facial appearance. This cosmetic procedure enhances the contours of the forehead and brow ridge for incredibly aesthetic, natural-looking results.

What Is a Complete Upperface Transformation (C.U.T.)?

Forehead contouring is a procedure designed to shape the bone of the forehead. Dr. Jumaily believes the beautiful and youthful appearance of the upper face including the forehead is very important. Making the upper face as feminine as possible requires attention to every part of the part face, not just the brow bone or the eyebrows. The bone, eyebrows, hairline, orbital rims, and eyelids work together to create a balanced and feminine look. This is why Dr. Jumaily developed the Complete Upperface Transformation (C.U.T.) procedure. The classic type 3 cranioplasty to reduce the projection of the brow bone is essential to achieving a feminine look but that alone will not give you the best results. Dr. Jumaily has the unique expertise to perform this very specialized procedure which is customized to every face. The incision in this procedure is hidden in the hairline and almost invisible after it heals. After the swelling resolves, the result is expected to be a natural-appearing forehead, orbit, and brow area.

Ideal Candidates

If you desire a less prominent brow bone and more feminine forehead contours, you may be a good candidate for a complete upperface transformation surgery. Asymmetry and other irregularities in the upperface can also be resolved with C.U.T. surgery.

Candidates must be free of any medical conditions that interfere with the body’s wound-healing processes. Ideal candidates are non-smokers who have realistic expectations for the outcome of the procedure.

Your C.U.T. Consultation

A consultation with Dr. Jumaily is the first step of the C.U.T. treatment process. During the consultation, Dr. Jumaily will evaluate your facial structure and tissue and ask you about your cosmetic goals for the procedure. An in-depth review of your medical history will also be conducted to verify that you can safely undergo this surgical procedure.

The Procedure

C.U.T. surgery is done under general anesthesia. The complexity of your unique C.U.T. surgery will impact Dr. Jumaily’s selection of your incision sites. In most cases, incisions can be made along the hairline for discreet post-treatment marks.

Dr. Jumaily will then modify the structure of the upperface as needed to create your desired facial contours. The hairline can also be lowered during C.U.T. surgery to ensure a balanced facial appearance. When all necessary changes are complete, the incisions will be closed with sutures.

The Recovery Process

Recovery after complete upperface transformation surgery can take several weeks. You may be instructed to wear a soft, elastic bandage over the treatment area for the first week after your procedure.

Bruising, swelling, and discomfort can be expected in the initial stage of the healing process. Any post-op pain can easily be managed with medications, as prescribed by Dr. Jumaily.


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Cost of Complete Upperface Transformation Surgery

The cost of C.U.T. surgery is impacted by multiple factors and will reflect the extent of your procedure and overall complexity of achieving your desired results. The total price will include anesthesia and facility fees, as well as additional charges for combination procedures, if applicable.

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Altering the forehead structure with Complete Upperface Transformation (C.U.T.) in Beverly Hills can be an ideal treatment solution for patients who want to soften and feminize their facial appearance. If you have any questions and would like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Jumaily, please call 310-285-0929 or email info@drjumaily.com and we would be happy to help you.



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