Fat Grafting

Fat grafting (sometimes known as fat transfer) is a procedure to transfer patient’s own fat from one area to another. Fat grafting is a great tool to add volume to cheeks, areas around the eyes, temples, marionette lines, and cheek lines. Fat is typically harvested from the stomach or thighs. The fat is then isolated and separated before being placed in the desired areas of the face. The transfer to the face is done via very small needles. Long incisions are not needed. The procedure is done under sedation and discomfort is minimal.

Fat grafting is performed under intravenous sedation which is safe and significantly improves patient recovery over the traditionally used general anesthesia. Patients experience less nausea, headaches and grogginess with the use of intravenous sedation. Recovery time is usually one to two weeks while the bruising and swelling subside. Pain is minimal and after-surgery care is straightforward.

Our philosophy is to put our patients first and therefore, our surgical patients have excellent access to reach us at any time throughout their recovery to ensure all their questions are answered and concerns address immediately.


  • Can I get Fat Transfer for Under Eye Hollows?

    Yes, that is one of the most common sites where we put fat. Fat in the cheeks and under the eyes are important ways to rejuvenate the eyes. The procedure entail placing small amounts of fat in microdroplets in the target areas. The injection is not placed in the eyelids but that over the orbital rim and cheek to support the eyelids
  • How Much Does Fat Injection to the face Cost?

    It depends on how much and what areas of the face are being injected. It can range from 2000 and up depending on several factors.
  • How Long Do Fat Grafting Results Last?

    The fat cells that survive and live in the new location, technically live there forever. However, like any fat tissue anywhere in the body, weight loss can decrease fat. Also, even though the new fat is there, aging in general results in volume and fat depletion. So fat will live but the aging process continues and more fat may be needed if too much volume is lost.
  • What Should I Expect During Recovery from Facial Fat Grafting?

    The major hallmark of fat grafting is swelling and bruising. Most of this will last 1-2 weeks but sometimes 3 weeks depending on the person and amount and extent of fat grafting.
  • Do Cheek Fat Injections Dissolve if I Lose Weight?

    The short answer is yes. Weight loss decreases all fat including the transferred fat from the face. It is unpredictable where fat loss happens when weight decreases.



Dr. Jumaily