Complete Upper-Face Transformation (CUT)

The leading forehead and upper face feminization procedure

Forehead contouring is a procedure designed to shape the bone of the forehead. Dr. Jumaily believes the forehead is the most important part of any feminization procedure. Not all patients need this but most do and a perfectly done forehead feminization shows. Dr. Jumaily pioneered the Complete Upperface Transformation (CUT) procedure. The classic type 3 cranioplasty/frontal sinus setback to reduce the projection of the brow bone is essential to achieving a feminine look but that alone will not give you the elegantly rounded forehead that can really transform your face. A more complete and total approach is needed in this area to make the face appear more feminine. This complete approach addresses all areas of the upper face including the eyes, orbital rims, and eyebrows. The CUT procedure is individualized and customized to each patient. The decision to choose which areas to adjust and how much to adjust them is different for each patient requires a detailed analysis of the facial features and listening to the patient’s goals.

Complete Upperface Transformation (CUT) Before & After Results
Complete Upperface Transformation (CUT) Before & After Results

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We perform state-of-the-art pre-operative analysis and planning. For patients who need bony work, we perform a preoperative CT scan and using high-end software so Dr. Jumaily can study the bony details precisely, allowing him to make an accurate plan to produce the best possible results. In some instances, we produce 3D models to show the patient how we will approach the upper face so they are informed of the details. Specialized cutting guides can be designed for the best and highest precision in his work. With all this technology, Dr. Jumaily’s aesthetic eye and judgment remain the best asset for the patients. Even the best technology does not substitute for the vision and sense of beauty that Dr. Jumaily can help achieve after listening to YOUR goals and analyzing YOUR face.

Dr. Jumaily has the unique expertise to perform this very specialized procedure. The incision in this procedure is hidden in the hairline and almost invisible after it heals. After the swelling resolves, the result is expected to be a drastically feminine forehead and brow area that doesn’t look operated on. This procedure is very commonly performed in conjunction with forehead reduction and hairline advancement.

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