Non-Surgical Procedures

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“Look your best without downtime with Botox(TM), Fillers and lasers to treat lines and wrinkles, and to create beautiful, soft and natural cheeks, lips, eyes, and facial contours.”

Dr. Jumaily has highest attainable training in facial plastic surgery and possesses the skills and aesthetic eye to give his patients effective natural results. We take pride to providing the best care, comfort and results with Botox™ and fillers.

Botulinum (Botox Cosmetic) – One of the most popular non-surgical procedures available to patients, Botox has a wide variety of uses, both health and cosmetic. This injectable neuromodulator can be used to reduce fine age lines such as crow’s feet around the eyes, horizontal forehead wrinkles, and vertical lines between the brows. It can smooth away chin wrinkles, bunny lines, and perioral lip lines. Botox can also address harsh vertical neck bands.

Cheeks – Over time, cheekbones look hollow and gaunt as a result of tissue loss in the underlying facial fat layer. Our injectable soft-tissue dermal fillers restore youthful volume to the cheeks for a fuller and more contoured appearance. Moderate and harsh wrinkles in the midface can also be addressed.

Fillers – Fillers are synthetic injectable products that can be used on the face to make areas look defined and enhanced, smooth away moderate to severe wrinkles, or fill in hollow depressions. Plumper cheeks, more kissable lips, and more pronounced jawlines can all be achieved. Tear troughs and hollow temples can also be filled in.

Lips – As a result of aging or genetics, many people have thin lips or downturned lip corners. Perioral lip lines, also called lipstick lines or smoker’s lines, may also be present around the lips. With lip fillers, the lips can be augmented for improved pucker, definition, and volume. Additionally, wrinkles around the lips can be smoothed away.

Tear Troughs/Under Eye Filler – Tear trough lines below the eyes can be an issue for many patients, creating a constantly tired appearance. With non-surgical procedures in Beverly Hills, we can fill in the tear troughs. Under eye filler injections allow patients to look more refreshed.



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