Hairline Advancement

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If you want to improve your hairline and facial symmetry, you can undergo hairline advancement in Beverly Hills. This cosmetic surgery is designed to lower your hairline to improve the proportions of your forehead. This specialized procedure is performed by expert surgeon Dr. Jeffrey Jumaily.

Forehead Reduction/Hairline Advancement

The forehead reduction, or hairline advancement, procedure aims to reduce the height of your forehead. To achieve this, it repositions the hairline closer to your eyebrows. This creates a more balanced look.

This procedure is different from a brow lift. However, it may be combined with a brow lift for better results. Natural-looking hair transplants may also be recommended to advance your hairline and hide post-surgical marks.

Am I an Ideal Candidate?

Undergoing hairline advancement surgery is ideal for you if you want to lower your hairline or reduce the size of your forehead. You are a good candidate for this cosmetic procedure if you want to achieve better facial proportions.

It is important that you are in good overall health and, ideally, a non-smoker. If you have a history of pattern balding, this surgery might not be the best choice for you.

Your Consultation

During the consultation, Dr. Jumaily will perform an assessment to determine how much reduction is possible to achieve effective and natural results. The goal of this procedure is a natural feminine hairline with nicely arched brows.

You will be asked about your medical history to ensure there are no underlying conditions that may hinder your recovery. Dr. Jumaily will also walk you through the procedure in greater detail.

The Hairline Advancement Procedure

Patients who have high foreheads benefit from forehead shortening and can be offered a forehead reduction/hairline advancement procedure. In this procedure, excess forehead skin is removed and the hairline is advanced to a more natural position. This can be combined with brow elevation (brow lift) if needed. A side benefit is that we remove the areas of hair recession on the sides of the scalp. The incision is hidden in the hairline and becomes almost invisible after it heals. Dr. Jumaily is one of few surgeons in North America with expertise in forehead and hairline cosmetic surgery. Anesthesia is administered on your forehead before the procedure to numb your entire forehead. The whole procedure can take up to 2 hours.

Recovery and Healing

Healing time can vary between patients, but the recovery period can take several days to a few weeks. Swelling and bruising can be expected and should disappear after a few days.

A compression garment may be worn on the treated areas to minimize swelling and facilitate wound healing. You may be scheduled for a follow-up checkup 2 or 4 weeks after your surgery.

Cost of Hairline Advancement Surgery

The cost of hairline advancement varies from patient to patient. The overall cost of forehead reduction surgery may be affected by the type of anesthetic used, extent of work performed, and any additional surgical procedures done.

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