Adam’s Apple Reduction / Thyroid Cartilage Reduction (“Tracheal Shave”)

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An Adam’s apple is a common feature in many patients. If the Adam’s apple is too large or visible, it can disrupt the smooth contours of the neck. For patients who would like a smoother neck outline, this extra cartilage can be removed through a surgical procedure called Adam’s apple reduction, or thyroid cartilage reduction. Occasionally, the procedure is referred to as a ‘tracheal shave’. However, this is an incorrect name because the tracheal cartilage is not involved in the structure of the Adam’s apple; only the thyroid cartilage is.

Dr. Jumaily is a leading surgeon in the area of Adam’s apple surgery. Dr. Jumaily has developed a special technique to do this procedure WITHOUT any external incisions on the neck or chin. This advanced procedure requires a high level of expertise in the area of neck and airway surgery. The procedure has a slightly longer period of swelling, but most people feel it is very worth it because there is NO scar.

Good Candidates for Thyroid Cartilage Reduction

Patients who want to reduce the appearance of their Adam’s apple without dealing with visible marks are good candidates for thyroid cartilage reduction. Patients should be in good health before the procedure and should also have realistic expectations. Non-smoking patients are ideal candidates. Smokers must quit before the date of their surgery.

Thyroid Cartilage Reduction (Adam's Apple Reduction) Before & After Results
Thyroid Cartilage Reduction (Adam's Apple Reduction) Before & After Results

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In the traditional Adam’s apple reduction procedure, a small incision in the neck allows access to the cartilage. If performed well, after it heals, the incision is usually minimally visible. The procedure requires anesthesia for patient comfort. Recovery is quick with minor swelling and bruising that resolves within one week.

The Adam’s apple reduction procedure is very delicate and close to the airway, and if performed incorrectly, it can lead to complications. Therefore, it is important to only seek out experienced surgeons with training in facial feminization surgery. Dr. Jumaily has specialized training in FFS and years of experience in the traditional and INCISIONLESS Adam’s apple reduction procedures.

Thyroid Cartilage Reduction Recovery

Following the successful thyroid cartilage reduction session, patients will be instructed to rest as much as possible during the recovery period. Aside from the minor discomfort that occurs during the healing process, patients will also need to take care not to disturb the affected areas more than necessary.

Any strenuous activity that involves physical exertion should be avoided for a few weeks. However, patients are advised to perform mild exercises, such as short strolls, to encourage faster healing.

Cost of Thyroid Cartilage Reduction

The cost of thyroid cartilage reduction can be affected by a few factors, which can be brought up during the scheduled consultation. Prices can be influenced by factors like total surgical time and anesthesia fees.

Schedule Your Thyroid Cartilage Reduction

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  • Can Adam’s Apple reduction be reversed or adjusted if desired, and what are the implications of revision surgery?

    The results of Adam’s apple reduction are intended to be permanent, providing a significant decrease in prominence and a smoother neck contour. Should further refinement be desired post-healing, revision surgery, though complex, is feasible with an experienced surgeon to ensure optimal outcomes.
  • How does Adam’s Apple reduction impact vocal function, and what measures are taken to preserve voice quality?

    When performed by an experienced surgeon, Adam’s apple reduction should not change the tone or sound of your voice. However, an inexperienced surgeon who is too aggressive with the removal of cartilage may cause damage to the area, which can cause the voice to deepen or sound hoarse. Dr. Jumaily uses incredible precision and patience when performing the procedure to ensure he retains the natural sound of the voice.
  • Can Adam’s Apple reduction be performed in conjunction with other gender-affirming surgeries, and how is the surgical plan developed?

    In many cases, different gender-affirming procedures can be performed at once, including Adam’s apple reduction surgery. During your consultation, Dr. Jumaily will ask about the procedures you want done and can determine which procedures can be safely combined.
  • What are the guidelines for engaging in physical activities and vocal exercises post-Adam’s Apple reduction surgery?

    It is important to allow your body to properly rest during your recovery. Physically demanding activities and exercise will need to be avoided for several weeks. You should focus on resting your voice as much as you can throughout your recovery. Avoid clearing your throat or coughing as much as you can.
  • What are the potential risks and complications associated with thyroid cartilage reduction, and how are they mitigated?

    There are some potential risks and complications that may occur. Nerve damage, painful swallowing, changes to the voice, and trouble speaking may occur when the procedure is not performed by an experienced surgeon. Dr. Jumaily specializes in facial feminization surgery and prioritizes safety.



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