Brow Lift Cosmetic Procedure

An Endoscopic brow lift in Beverly Hills offers a way to restore the smooth and youthful appearance of a sagging and wrinkled brow. Men and women who are bothered by the aging appearance of their brow can benefit from undergoing a brow lift in Beverly Hills performed by facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Jeff Jumaily.

What Is a Brow Lift?

Brow repositioning (also known as a browlift) is a procedure for patients who have brows that are in the desired position. Dr. Jumaily is a specialist in brow and forehead procedures. He is very renowned for his open browlift combined with forehead reduction. He also performs mini browlift and temporal browlift to tighten the tail of the brow and even the cheek for a more youthful appearance which can create more attractive eye shape. This is known as ‘cateye’ look. A word of caution, we do not believe (as most well regarded experts also do) that patients who have normally shaped eyes and lateral canthus (outer corner of the eye) to have any surgery that disrupts that normal anatomy. Problems in the corner of the eyes are very difficult to repair if they are created by surgery. The minimal browlift by Dr. Jumaily creates more attractive eye and brow appearance without disrupting that normal structure.

The browlift procedure is not often known to patients but it can play a key role in facial and upper eyelid rejuvenation. This procedure can be combined with an upper eyelid procedure as well. This is determined at the time of the consultation. The browlift procedure is a minimally invasive procedure that is performed through small incisions hidden in the hair. The scars are invisible after healing. The procedure is done with sedation for added comfort and is usually associated with minimal discomfort during recovery. Wound care is minimal after surgery and patients can shower the following day. Dr. Jumaily has the skills and expertise to perform open browlift and endoscopic browlift to produce the best cosmetic results possible.

What to Expect After Your Brow Lift

There may be some swelling and bruising around the area following your brow lift in Beverly hills. These issues will subside over the course of your recovery. Most patients will need around 10 days of recovery before they feel comfortable resuming a majority of their normal activities.

Dr Jumaily is beyond amazing and very talented his hands are like gold. He dedicates so much time and puts attention on your needs. He has such a good heart and makes you feel at ease. His staff are so amazing. I absolutely recommend. – Anonymous



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  • What are the Options To Treat Asymmetric and Uneven Eyebrows and Eyelids?

  • Can Asymmetric Eyes or Eyebrows Be Fixed?

    It can be fixed or improved depending on the cause of the asymmetry. Static asymmetries which are seen when the face is not moving can be fixed with a browlift with or without a blepharoplasty. If the asymmetry occurs with raising the eyebrow, also called dynamic asymmetry, then Botox is a better option as surgery will not address this issue well. Full exam is important in all of these cases.
  • How Much Does a Brow Lift Cost?

    Browlift can be done open, endoscopic, with screws or with endotynes. It can be combined with eyelid surgery and/or hairline advancement. All of these factors will change the price. Location and specific surgeons can also affect the price. A consultation is important to determine which of the above is being done to get an accurate estimate of cost.
  • Non-surgical Ways to Help Sagging Brow Area?

    If the eyes are feel and look heavy, there are usually three options. 1. Botox 2. Fillers 3. Browlift. The botox is used to weaken the depressor muscles (glabella and tail of brow) allowing the elevators to pull the brow up slightly. This is called a chemical brow lift. It works well because it is easy and safe and has no downtime. The downside is that the effect is mild. Fillers are less often used than Botox. Filler is placed right over the orbital rim to provide support to brow area. The third option is surgery (open vs endoscopic). Schedule a consultation to see which of the above options work for you.
  • How Long is the Recovery from Brow Lift?

    The recovery for brow lift is usually mild. There are incisions in the scalp which are closed carefully and are not visible. You will need to apply ointment to those incisions 2-3 times per day. There may be swelling in the forehead which will descend with time to the upper eyelids. This usually resolves in 7-10 days. The clips or sutures are removed 7-10 days after the procedure. Pain is usually mild. Some patients may have some nausea but that is variable. If it is an open brow lift the incision will slowly fade over time. Ice and avoidance of strenuous activity is recommended for the first week.
  • What is an Endoscopic Brow Lift?

    The endoscopic brow lift procedure is a procedure designed to elevate droopy brows. The traditional open brow lift required a long incision across the hairline. While it is the most effective technique, it is perceived to be invasive. The endoscopic lift is done through 3-5 small incisions hidden in the hair. The elevation is done with cameras through these incisions, carefully lifting the forehead and brow skin from the underlying tissues. Once the forehead is elevated the brows are pulled up and anchored to the underlying bone using variety of available techniques (screw, endotynes etc). The incisions are then closed with sutures or clips.
  • Is There Any Way to Make the Eyebrows More Arched?

    It depends on their shape and their position. If they are droopy and heavy then a lift is recommended. If they are in an appropriate position, you just want them more arched then a Botox treatment may be more reasonable. People in their 20’s are not recommended to have surgical browlift. Chemical brow lift with Botox is better option, less invasive and you can you use it as a trial to see if you like the elevated brows
  • Forehead Numbness After a Brow Lift? Is it expected?

    In an open brow lift, numbness of the scalp above the incision is expected. It is temporary and sensation returns in a few weeks. Endoscopic brow lift does not have this side effect. Numbness of the forehead is not an expected result but it can occur if the nerves coming from above the eye socket bones (supraorbital nerves) are stretched or compressed. Usually it is temporary but in rare cases it is long lasting if the nerves are irreversibly injured.
  • How Painful is an Endoscopic Brow Lift?

    Mild discomfort is expected the first few days after the procedure which is easily controlled with pain medications. After a few days, no medication is needed as the pain subsides quickly. The forehead will feel swollen and stiff but not painful.
  • Can You Use Botox for a Brow Lift?

    Yes, botox placed in specific strategic locations in the right amount can help improve the lines in the brow area, crows feet, forehead line and also elevate the tail of the brow. This gives the eyes a more rested and open appearance. It is not as effective as surgery and it is temporary but certainly a good treatment for many patients.
  • How is a Temporal Brow Lift Different from Other Lift Methods?

    The temporal brow lift allows the elevation of the tail of the brow through small incisions in the hairline over the temples. Dissection is carried forward towards the brow to mobilize the tissue. The skin is then draped back in a higher position and the incision is closed. Temporal lift is good for patients who need the outer part of the brow lifted.The traditional techniques of brow lift use incisions in the hair above the forehead and brow which permits elevation of the entire brow.

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If you have any questions and would like to schedule a consultation with Dr. Jumaily, please call 310-285-0929 or email info@drjumaily.com and we would be happy to help you. Dr. Jumaily is a highly-skilled facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon who can provide you with beautiful results from your endoscopic brow lift in Beverly Hills.



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