Tear Troughs/Under Eye Filler

Deep under eye/tear trough lines can be genetic in young people or can form as a result of aging. It is seen in men and women. In all cases, it can make you look tired with darkness under your eyes. The purpose of using under eye fillers is to reduce the appearance of tear trough lines. Placing small amounts of the right filler material gives you a refreshed and rested look. Dr. Jumaily has the expertise and experience needed to make the area look natural and beautiful.

What To Expect

Dr. Jumaily will apply a topical anaesthesia to the areas where the injections will be made. Dr. Jumaily uses extreme procession when injecting the dermal filler to ensure that the undereye has a smooth and even appearance. Dr. Jumaily may massage the area to evenly distribute the dermal filler. Though a needle under the eye sounds uncomfortable, with numbing agents used before the procedure, patients should feel little to no discomfort during the injection process.

Depending on the area that needs to be filled, your under-eye correction might be completed in a single session or may need a few sessions to acquire the desired result. You will see the complete results in one of two weeks after the treatment.

There may be some swelling and redness around the eyes following the treatment. Aftercare involves the application of an ice pack over the injected site from time to time for the next 48 hours. Most normal activities can be resumed but patients may want to relax for the rest of the day. Tear trough filling is not a permanent procedure. The length of the results provided will vary between patients based on several factors like the type of dermal filler used.

Under Eye Filler Cost

The cost of your under eye filler treatment in Beverly Hills will be determined during your consultation with Dr. Jumaily. He can go over what to expect during and after your treatment, go over pricing, and answer any questions you may have about the treatment process and the payment options available to you.

Schedule a Consultation

If you are bothered by your tear trough lines and would like to know if under eye filler injections can provide you with the aesthetic results you are looking for, contact our office today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Jumaily. Dr. Jumaily is a double board certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon who strives to provide our patients with beautiful and natural-looking results.



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