Jaw Feminization Surgery / V Line Jaw Surgery
Beverly Hills

Jaw contouring is one of the main components of facial feminization surgery (FFS) that many patients need to look more feminine. The jaw contouring procedure is designed to shape the sides of the jaw as well as the chin. Dr. Jumaily is one of the premier surgeons in the area of jaw feminization surgery and achieves excellent results due to

preoperative 3D CT planning to protect the nerves and optimize the design. We obtain a CT scan before surgery. Dr. Jumaily carefully studies the jaw bone and overlying skin and make a surgical plan to create a new jaw framework that meets the patient’s goals of a feminine and defined jaw.

designing the best dimensions for each patient’s goals and facial features. No two jaws are the same and no two patients want the exact same results. Dr. Jumaily does not make cookie-cutter designs for everyone. Rather, every patient’s goals and facial dimensions are taken into consideration.

use of the most advanced techniques such as T osteotomies, V line osteotomies, sliding genioplasty. These advanced techniques are only done by a few surgeons and done well by even fewer. This allows for significant change in the jaw dimensions that cannot be achieved by just shaving the bone.

use of advanced instruments such as ultrasonic bone cutting instruments. This allows us to increase safety around nerves and minimize pain, swelling, and bleeding.

the MOST important factor is skill and experience. Not every surgeon who reads about these procedures in a book can actually perform these well. The results need to be symmetric, beautiful, and feminine. Standard bone cuts without skill and purpose will lead to a smaller jaw but not necessarily a more beautiful or more feminine jaw.

The jaw bone is shaped through incisions inside of the mouth and therefore, there are no incisions on the skin and no scarring. There is some initial swelling which resolves and results in a feminine and less square and harsh appearance. This is a great procedure for patients who have large jaws and wish to have a softer and more gentle jaw outline.

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Dr. Jumaily