Cheek and Chin Augmentation Beverly Hills

Cheek augmentation adds volume and support to the cheeks to create beautiful, full and natural cheeks. Rejuvenated cheeks are important in framing the eyes and directing attention to the eyes. Augmentation can be done with fillers, fat transfer or with a permanent implant. The choice of cheek augmentation method depends on patient preference, skin type, face shape, and Dr. Jumaily’s judgement based on experience. Fillers and fat grafting are discussed in the respective sections.

Cheek implants come in variety of shapes and sizes. Dr. Jumaily has the expertise to select the appropriate implant to produce naturally beautiful cheeks in the right candidates. Placement of the cheek implants is done through small incisions inside the mouth and therefore are invisible. Cheek implants are a permanent alternative to fillers, which require maintenance. Recovery is relatively quick and patient usually return to their routine in one week or less.


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Chin augmentation is offered to patients with chins that are smaller than desired. The goal of chin augmentation is to create a chin that matches the profile, facial dimension and desired strength of the chin. Chin augmentation is commonly performed with an implant but fillers can also be used.

Implants are made of permanent soft material that is inserted through a small incision under the chin with minimal scarring or complications.

Chin Augmentation FAQ’s

  • What are the Weak Jawline or chin Solutions?

    The chin is important facial feature that provides balance to the face especially in profile view. A strong chin also give the neck better contour and youthfulness. A weak chin can make the neck less youthful, make the nose look long and throws everything out of balance. There are three general ways to augment the chin: fillers, implants, and bone surgery. Fillers are easy and require no downtime, but are temporary and require a relatively large amount to show a real difference. Implants are the most popular option due to its ease and predictable outcomes. There are a variety of implants but silicon based ones are the most commonly used. Jaw bone surgery (genioplasty) is common among oral surgeons but it is the most invasive. Which of the above works best depends on the patient’s goals and wishes.
  • How Much Does a Chin Implant Cost?

    Like most procedures, cost depends on a lot of variables including surgeon, location, and type of implant, and anesthesia type. The range is likely to be 3000 – 6000 depending on the where you go.
  • What is the reason that my chin is small?

    It is usually genetic and people are born that way. There is nothing that you do that shapes your chin.
  • What is the recovery after chin implant?

    The recovery after chin implant is generally mild. I place a compressive dressing for 1-2 days to prevent bleeding or swelling. After the dressing is removed, you may see some bruising but there will certainly be swelling. The swelling will get better day by day but often can take a week to look unoperated. The sutures are removed at 5-7 days. The swelling will continue to resolve week by week before you see the final definition of the chin. Pain is usually mild. There may be temporary numbness of the lower lip if the mental nerve are stretched.
  • What are some Chin Implant Complications

    The risks of chin implants are low and the procedure is generally safe. Complications include bleeding, infection, poor cosmetic outcome, lower lip numbness, shifting of the implant, and prolonged pain. All of these are rare if proper techniques are used.
  • What is better? Chin Augmentation Vs. Jaw Advancement Surgery

    Chin augmentation with implants is a minimal invasive procedure done through a small incision under the chin. It has a low risk for nerve injuries and easily reversible if desired. Jaw advancement (sliding genioplasty) is a procedure done through an incision in the mouth. The bones are cut and pulled forward then fixed in place with screws. The advantage is you don’t have an implant but there is a higher risk to the nerve and also it is more invasive and require more recovery. Full jaw advancement is reserved for people who have bite problems (micrognathia) not just small chin (microgenia).
  • How hard is it to remove a chin implant and how long is the recovery?

    Removing the implant is generally easy and is often done under local anesthesia. Recovery is slightly shorter than placing the implant but you do get swelling and may be bruising. If it is removed due to an infection, the pocket remains empty until infection resolves. If there is no infection a new implant is recommended (different size depending on reason for removal) to prevent sagging of chin skin
  • Is Chin augmentation with Radiesse or other fillers Possible?

    Yes, it is possible and a lot of patients try this before they decide on implants. The downside is that it is temporary and you need a lot of filler to make a noticeable difference. The advantage is ease of procedure and no downtime.
  • Do Chin Implants Look and Feel Natural?

    After healing is complete, patients will not feel or see the implant. Initially the area will feel a little stiff but that resolves over time and you forget you have an implant. If proper techniques are used, patients should not ‘see’ the edges of the implant and it all feels natural.
  • Why do you get Paralyzed Lip After Neck Liposuction and Chin Implant?

    The nerve that moves the lower lip is called the marginal mandibular branch of the facial nerve. If this nerve is injured you can get temporary or permanent weakness of the lower lip. This nerve is more at risk with the liposuction than the chin implant. Since these two procedures are often down together, it is good to know this risk. It is rare if proper and careful technique is used and is often temporary if it occurs. It can take several weeks before return of full function.
  • What is the risk of Numbness After Chin Augmentation

    The implant in augmentation is placed on the lower border of the jaw and should be far from the mental nerve that is responsible for sensation of lower lips. During the course of the dissection occasionally and rarely, the nerve is stretched which causes temporary numbness of the lower lip. This is usually temporary unless the nerve is significantly injured.
  • How do you determine the size of chin implants?

    The size is determined after a thorough consultation and discussion with the patient of their desired outcome. We look at the face as a whole from several angles and predict the enhancement from the implant. Women generally choose small and medium implants, while men occasional need a large implant. Extra large implants are used in rare cases injured.


Cheeks Augmentation FAQ’s

  • Can Facial Asymmetry Be Corrected?

    The short answer is yes in many cases but not all cases. We all have asymmetric faces. The asymmetry comes in varying degrees and may be noticed around the eyes, cheeks or mouth areas. Cheek asymmetry can be treated with augmentation with fillers or implants depending on the desire of the patient and risk factors such as skin thickness etc. Asymmetry has be carefully evaluated and treatment plan is then made.
  • How to Get Chubby Cheeks or high cheeks?

    The two major treatment options are fillers, fat grafting and implants. Depending on what the patient goals are, the characteristics of the skin and bone we make the recommendation of which of these treatments are better for each individual patient.
  • What can be done about Sunken Cheeks? Are there Long-lasting treatments?

    Cheeks look sunken because volume is lost in the fat under the skin. This can be improved with fillers, fat grafting, and implants. Depending on which part of the face and cheeks are affected, implants may or may not be the best treatment. Detailed consultation is recommended.
  • How Can High Cheekbones Be Achieved?

    High cheekbones are a very attractive feature and a very feminizing feature which is why they are highly sought after by patients. Augmentation can be achieved with fillers, fat grafting, and implant. What the patient wants and their previous experiences and goals, together we decide the best treatment modality. Detailed consultation is recommended to find the best possible treatment for each patient.
  • What is the average cost of a Cheek Implant?

    Cost of any procedure depends on many factors including the complexity of the case, type of implant etc. Cost is not the most important factor but we understand it is important to many patients. The cost can be discussed over the phone or after a consultation for most exact quote.

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