Fat Transfer Beverly Hills

Fat grafting (sometimes known as fat transfer) is a procedure to transfer patient’s own fat from one area to another. Fat grafting is a great tool to add volume to cheeks, areas around the eyes, temples, marionette lines, and cheek lines. Fat is typically harvested from the stomach or thighs. The fat is then isolated and separated before being placed in the desired areas of the face. The transfer to the face is done via very small needles. Long incisions are not needed. The procedure is done under sedation and discomfort is minimal.

Fat grafting is performed under intravenous sedation which is safe and significantly improves patient recovery over the traditionally used general anesthesia. Patients experience less nausea, headaches and grogginess with the use of intravenous sedation. Recovery time is usually one to two weeks while the bruising and swelling subside. Pain is minimal and after-surgery care is straightforward.

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Dr. Jumaily