When you think about rhinoplasty, you probably envision incisions and an assortment of sharp tools. It is true that surgical rhinoplasty can be an intensive procedure, but it is for a good reason: Rhinoplasty provides patients with a way to sculpt the shape of their nose into something they can feel happy with.

Unfortunately, there are many people who are unhappy with their nose and are uncomfortable or unable to undergo surgery. We believe these patients deserve the aesthetic care they need.

For these patients, we offer non-surgical rhinoplasty, a procedure that uses dermal fillers to make changes to the appearance of the nose. The filler is injected into precise areas of the nose and then manipulated and massaged into the desired shape.

If you are unhappy with your nose and want a solution that suits your needs, contact our office to schedule a consultation for your non-surgical rhinoplasty procedure. Dr. Jeff Jumaily is a highly experienced facial and reconstructive plastic surgeon who can provide you with your ideal results.