Growing up, I had issues breathing due to the natural structure of my nose. I was also insecure because I felt my nose wasn’t structurally strong in appearance and was teased a lot in school. It was especially obvious when I spoke, so I was oppressed by my insecurity and never felt comfortable speaking to someone up close.
I also had nose bleeds which didn’t make things any better. I lived many years with this issue and was severely depressed.
I did some research and spoke to many doctors and that is how I ran into Dr. Jeffrey Jumaily.
I made an appointment for a consultation with his awesome assistant Melody, who is an angel incarnate; She always made me smile every time I would come in or speak with her on the phone. They really have a wonderful staff. It is definitely a judgement free zone!

Dr. Jumaily is a brilliant and kind doctor. He is the best listener, and makes you feel comfortable enough to talk to him about your concerns.
His keen observation and his problem solving mind along with my concerns bought clarity and comfort like no other into my life.

I found out I had a deviated septum which was affecting my breathing and increased my chances of nose bleeds. Since I was also insecure about the aesthetic structure of my nose I was consulted during the consultation, of a septoplasty. Pretty much two procedures in one!

After many visits with Dr. Jumaily I decided to go through with the procedure. I was happy to have the support of his awesome staff!

Its been approximately 2 years since I had my surgery and I am honestly super happy about the results!!!!! As time goes by everyday, it just gets better!! And if you are ever worried about anything. Dr.Jumaily and his lovely staff and there when you need them!

I highly recommend!